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The system can’t keep pace with MND

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Too many people with MND are not getting the support they need to live their lives safely. We need your help.


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MND is brutally fast.  People with MND can quickly lose their ability to walk, talk, eat and breathe unaided. They need services, such as social care and home adaptations, to help them live their lives safely. 

Services need put in place quickly yet many people wait too long. Tragically, some never receive what they need in time. We need a system that can keep pace with MND.

What we're
up against

MND Scotland is here to guide people through a labyrinth of confusing processes; and to be here when the system fails. Every year we see the same problems again and again.

Accessible housing

Some people with MND never get the accessible home they need in time.

Social care

People with MND can wait for weeks, or even months, for essential care to be fully put in place. 

Housing and MND

Scotland’s housing system is failing to act quickly enough. As a result, too many people with MND are unable to live safely, and with dignity, in their own homes. 

Our Housing Report calls for action at both national and local levels to ensure processes can keep pace with MND.

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Madhia's story

Madhia spent eight months showering her mum at the local leisure centre while waiting for an essential wetroom installation. Tragically it was not completed until the day her mum died.

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Help us be there for people when the system fails


If you have been diagnosed with MND and would like support in navigating the system, please get in touch with our advocacy service on [email protected], or 0141 332 3903.


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