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The system can’t keep pace with MND

Now is the time for change

The countdown is on to the Scottish Parliament elections in May 2021 and we need your help


It's about

MND is brutally fast.  People with MND can quickly lose their ability to walk, talk, eat and breathe unaided. They need services, such as social care and home adaptations, to help them live their lives safely. 

Services need put in place quickly yet many people wait too long. Tragically, some never receive what they need in time. We need a system that can keep pace with MND.

What we're
up against

MND Scotland is here to guide people through a labyrinth of confusing processes; and to be here when the system fails. Every year we see the same problems again and again.

Home adaptations

Delays in adaptations can leave people with MND trapped in their homes.

Accessible housing

Some people with MND never get the accessible home they need in time.

Have you experienced delays?

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It's time to speak up, to tell our politicians why people
with MND can't wait for essential services.

Now is the time
for change

The Scottish Parliament elections take place on the 6th May. In January, we sent our own manifesto for these elections to all the political parties and MSPs.

In it, we call for the next Scottish Government to introduce: 

  1. A National Care Service for Scotland
  2. A National Accessible Housing Strategy

Please be aware that our manifesto was designed highlight the lack of time people with MND have, and features imagery, text and stories some may find upsetting.

Download our manifesto


Share your

Have you been affected by delays? 

Politicians value hearing directly from people affected, and you can make a big difference by adding your voice. 

By sharing your story, you can help to:

  • Raise awareness of system failures
  • Help keep MND on the political agenda
  • Increase the chance of effecting change

Now is the time to be heard

Share your story



to help us be there for people
when the system fails

We need everyone to take action

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